Musings on Texture, Chewing, and Their Effect on Appetite

If you know me, you know that I’m a horribly slow eater. My parents used to set a timer for me to finish my dinner.

My appetite isn’t like olfies’, but I have a hard time gauging what my appetite is. I often take small portions for my meals, finish eating, and am hungry 20 minutes later. When I try taking larger portions, I’m too full. Although I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a small portion, finishing it, and then serving myself again, it’s hard for me to eye a serving bowl on the dinner table and and gauge how much is enough for me.
I also notice that foods that are spicy or foods which make me chew a lot get me feeling “full” faster (though I later realize I’m not). I don’t have to eat a lot until I get that feeling.

The question is, how can I maintain a healthy appetite regardless of what I’m eating?

Perhaps I need to break that question down – more to come…


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